Bet HaKnesset Ahavat Zion

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Ahavat Zion
I have set the Lord always before me...
Welcome to the Bet HaKnesset Ahavat Zion!

Located in the "highest part" of our beloved Yshuv Kochav Yaakov -- geographically (and evidently), because of its location, and spiritually, because of the dimension it has in our feeling.
It is a special place where the perspective and horizon towards Jerusalem say it all, where closing one's eyes is enough to see in depth and which fulfills what the melody says: "avir harim zalul kayayin - ve-rei'ah oranim nissa be-ru'ah ha'arbayim" ("the air of the mountains is as clear as good wine - and the scent of pines is carried on the breeze of twilight").
· Tefillah: agile and pleasant prayer
· Shiurim: periodical talks and studies
· Permanent personal sessions - 24/7
and most importantly, in family gathering and coexistence...
Our BetHaKnesset has been named in honor, when living, of
Rabbi Zion Waizman (z tz"l - may the memory of the virtuous be for blessing). © ZERAJIA