Bet HaKnesset Ahavat Zion

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Rabbi Shaul David Boczko
Notice published by Rabbi Boczko in the internal journal of Kochav Yaakov (Oro Shel Kochav) at the moment of assuming, Rabbi Zerajia, as zonal rabbi in the mentioned yshuv.
G o o d   N e w s !

We are thankful of
Rabbi Eldad Karazi, who faithfully served as rabbi for the synagoge of the ezor hagiba. Rabbi Karazi presented his resign to that position.

I then turned to distinguished
Rabbi Rafael Zerajia and he agreed to take upon him the responsibility of this sacred mission.

With the help of The Eternal, during the prayer of next
Kabbalat Shabbat Parshat Shemini 5768 (may it be for our good), we will come up the giba to pray and listen to Torah words in charge of Rabbi Zerajia, and all of us will rejoice to receive him as the rabbi of the Bet HaKnesset Ahavat Zion.

It will be a great joy that in light of this important event all of you are present in this
Shabbat night.

Rabbi Shaul David Boczko
Yshuv Kochav Yaakov