Curriculum Vitae
Post-Rabbinical Accreditations
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Teudat Hakhsharat Rabanim
Certification of the training course for developing leadership skills, taking account of current topics and moral-ethical dilemmas, within a community circle that is part of the wide and diverse role of the rabbi.
Certificate of Achievement
Certificate of achievement from the Dale Carnegie Training. Training course for the development of leadership skills taught by Dale Carnegie & Associates, Inc. and Amiel Institute Leadership Program.
Personal recommendation handwritten and signed by Rabbi Yehuda Giat as a proof of recognition for the disciple's performance and demonstrated talent as regards Berit Milah and Shechitah.
Certificate of Appreciation
Certificate of appreciation granted by the Ministry of Tourism, signed by Benyamin Elon, as a recognition for the participation and support towards the State of Israel. © ZERAJIA