Curriculum Vitae
Horaa (Lifshitz)
Title as multidisciplinary teacher in Judaism granted by the presigious Michlelet Lifshitz from Jerusalem, officially approved by the Misrad HaHinuh (Ministry of Education of Israel).
State of Israel
Ministry of Culture and Education
- Department of Teacher's instruction

Acedemic-Religious Institute for Teachers
RE"M Lifshitz in Jerusalem
Hilel 17 - Phone: 02-5679567


Rafael Zerajia (#180165240)
-born on the 14 of the month of
Tamuz, 5726 in Argentina-

Has studied in this institution in the school periods from the years 5761-5762 so as to perform as a teacher in Judaism and Hebrew language, which enables him to practice in Jewish Schools from the Diaspora.

In accordance with the levels reached in his studies as well as in the demonstrated experience he is authorized to teach Judaism and Hebrew language in Jewish Schools of the Diaspora.

Culmination of his duties: 17 of the month of
Adar, 5762 - March 1st, 2002
Granted: 28 of the month of
Adar, 5763 - April 1st, 2003
Certification: #5716

Sign: General and Academic Director (
Dr. Yaakov Hadani) © ZERAJIA