Curriculum Vitae
Accreditation that enables the exercise as mohel (the one who performs circumcision according to Jewish regulations), granted by the recognized Mohel and Rabbi Yehuda Giat.
With help from Heaven
"On the eight day the flesh of his foreskin shall be circumcised"

The present is issued as a proof and testimony that honorable, sensible, refined and distinguished
Rabbi Rafael (ben Yosef) Zerajia (may his soul shine) has studied profoundly and specialized in the chirurgical practice of circumcision - in all of its peculiarities, details and characteristics, as well as in the matters of regulations.

After having devoted strenuous periods to practicum, he passed his exams -as referred to laws and know-how- demonstrating to possess solid understanding. He performed numerous circumcisions in front of me, all of which were, in accordance to law, precise, prudent, alacritous, neat and sentient. And all of whom observed him in its matter manifested positively.

As for the mentioned above, we grant him the
ensuing endorsement. Hence, the community could undoubtedly and reliably trust him their children so that he performs the Berit Milah since reverential fear to Heaven is set above his wisdom.

I do here sign asserting the above mentioned,
Rabbi Yehuda Giat
Expert in
Tebet 11th, 5763 - Jerusalem © ZERAJIA