Curriculum Vitae
Rabbinical Ordination awarded by the Midrash Sephardi, signed by Rabbis Yaakov Peretz and Shelomo Kassin, approved by the Chief Rabbi of Israel, HaRishon LeZion Rabbi Shelomo Moshe Amar.
With help from Heaven
My help will come from The Eternal - The Creator of heavens and earth

The present certifies
I hereby release the progress of the valuable disciple, owner of a great name, the distinguished Rabbi Rafael (ba"r Yosef) Zerajia (may God protect him and his soul shine).

The beloved and honorable Rabbi studied in our Academy for Higher Rabbinical Studies putting all of his best effort in his duties, joining classes taught by me, permanently and orderly, and he has been privileged during all that time, moving forward eagerly and persistently, perfecting himself in laws and practical regulations -herein referred to- and successfully passing his exams.

The laws that he favorable completed are the following:

Ysur VeHeter (prohibited and allowed)
Taaruvot (laws of forbidden food mixtures)
Basar B'Chalav (laws of meat and milk)
Meliha (laws for salting meat)
Kashrut HaMaahalim (laws for supervising which foods are fit or proper to consumption)
Pat Shel Goyim (supervision for breadmaking by non-Jew personnel)
Bishulei AKU"M (supervision for food cooked by non-Jew personnel)
Hagalat Kelim (readaptation of utensils)
Tevilat Kelim (ritual immersion of food vessels)
Ysur Sehora B'Debarim HaAsurim (restriction in the commercialization of
prohibited products)
Shechitat Ofot (ritual slaughter of birds)
Shechitat Behemot (ritual slaughter of  permitted animals)
Hilchot Marot Shel Nidah (diagnosis according to the coloration of fluids in the laws of
ritual purity at home)
Hilchot Nidah (laws of ritual purity at home and marital intimacy)
Mikvaot (laws regarding the special pool for the ritual immersion bath)
Sofer SeTa"M (inscribing scrolls of Torah, Tefilin, Mezuzot and Megilot)
Hilchot Semahot (laws regarding the convalescent and laws of mourning)
Hilchot Shabbat (laws of Shabbat)
Chupah VeKidushin (laws to perform marriages)
Hilchot Edut (testimonial laws)
Dinei Hinuh LeKatan (laws about the education of children)
Mohel (circumcision - laws of Berit Milah)
Tokea (blowing the Shofar and its laws)

As a result of his effort in his studies and because of culminating the mentioned laws, as well as because of his willingness to positively continuing this path, he is conferred:
I O R E  I O R E
(teach will teach)

May The Eternal's will be to continue priviledging him so that he keeps rising limitless in
Torah's track, in reverential fear to Heaven, with good qualities and correction, therefore enlarging the honor of the Law. May it be conceived by God to conduct the sacred Jewish community correctly in accordance to Law, and may all of whom resort to him be indicated the correct proceedings according to the Will of The Holly Blessed be Him, as such as it was indicated by our Sacred Law, from generation to generation until Moshe Rabenu (Moses our teacher - may peace be upon him).

Rabbi Shelomo Kassin (Dean of Midrash Sephardi Yeshiva)
Rabbi Yaakov Peretz (Director of Midrash Sephardi Yeshiva and Hechal Pinhas)
HaRishon LeZion HaRav Shelomo Moshe Amar (Chief Rabbi of Israel)

Jerusalem - Beginning of the month of
Nisan, 5763 of the Creation of the World © ZERAJIA