Curriculum Vitae
Accreditation that enables the excercise as shochet (ritual slaughterer of permitted animals and birds), granted by the recognized Shochet and Rabbi Yehuda Giat together with Rabbi Shelomo Kassin.
With the help from The Eternal, Blessed Him be
"Offer sacrifices of righteousness and trust in The Eternal"


The present is issued to publicly certify that our honorable and distinguished disciple, the one who deals with and perseveringly strains day and night,

Rabbi Rafael (ba"r Yosef) Zerajia
(may God protect him and his soul shine)

Attained with great success the laws of
SHECHITAH (ritual slaughter) and TREFOT (non suitable slaughter)
of permitted animals and birds

The referral has been examined by us, successfully passing his exams and demonstrating an accurate and profound knowledge, answering each query: "allowed" to the allowed and "prohibited" to the prohibited. Besides, he has appropriately prepared the knives before us -"soft and sharp"- for the shechitah proceeding.

We have proved his alacrity for such a task, slaughtering a great number of birds and cattle, performing an appropiate shechitah according with the issued regulations. And he assumed the commitment of revising his studies as it is stated in the first chapter of the treaty "Be'er HaGola".

Hence, at this moment, we grant him the correspondent endorsement and we assert he is competent to slaughter and diagnose its results. We beg he is always protected of any inconvenience and all of whom eat from his shechitah could do it fully trustful, peacefully and with no suspicion.

In the name of truth and justice, we sign in the Sacred City of Jerusalem, at the 24th day of the month of Adar Bet, 5763 of the Creation.

Rabbi Yehuda Giat (Expert in Shechitah)
Rabbi Shelomo Kassin (Dean of Midrash Sephardi) © ZERAJIA