Curriculum Vitae
Sofer SeTa"M
Title that certifies the writing skills of Torah scrolls, Tefilin, Mezuzot and Megilot, signed by Rabbis Shelomo Kassin, Eliahu Shamoula and Yaakov Benizri.
With the help from The Eternal, Blessed Him be


The present is issued to publicly certify that our honorable and distinguished disciple, the one who deals with and perseveringly strains day and night,

Rabbi Rafael (ba"r Yosef) Zerajia (God protects him)

Attained with great success the laws for
(from theory to practice)

At the Academy for Higher Rabbinical Studies
in the Sacred City of Jerusalem
(soon reconstructed and restored, amen)

The referral studied under our supervision the mentioned laws in accordance with all of its details and peculiarities, successfully passing his exams and demonstrating a correct and profound knowledge. Besides, we observed his handwriting and we reckon it is radiant.

Hence, we grant him at this moment the corresponding approval and state that he is competent to write in accordance with the Law, the scrolls of Torah, Tefillin, Mezuzot and Megilot.

We beg he is always protected of any inconvenience and is privileged in the enlargement and glorification of Torah.

We hereby sign, at the 17 days of the month of
Adar Alef, 5763,
Rabbi Shelomo Kassin (Dean of Midrash Sephardi)
Rabbi Eliahu Shamoula (Director of Midrash Sephardi)
Rabbi Yaakov Benizri (Director of the Studies Department, Midrash Sephardi) © ZERAJIA