Curriculum Vitae
Rabbinical Accreditations
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Rabbinical Ordination awarded by the Midrash Sephardi, signed by Rabbis Yaakov Peretz and Shelomo Kassin, approved by the Chief Rabbi of Israel, HaRishon LeZion Rabbi Shelomo Moshe Amar.
Teudat Mohel
Accreditation that enables his exercise as mohel (the one who performs circumcision according to Jewish normative), granted by the recognized Mohel and Rabbi Yehuda Giat.
Teudat Sofer SeTa"M
Title that certifies the writing skills of Torah scrolls, Tefilin, Mezuzot and Megilot, signed by Rabbis Shelomo Kassin, Eliahu Shamoula and Yaakov Benizri.
Teudat Shochet
Accreditation that enables the excercise as shochet (ritual slaughterer of permitted animals and birds), granted by the recognized Shochet and Rabbi Yehuda Giat together with Rabbi Shelomo Kassin.
Teudat Horaa
Title as multidisciplinary teacher in Judaism granted by the prestigious Michlelet Lifshitz from Jerusalem, officially approved by the Misrad HaHinuh (Ministry of Education of Israel). © ZERAJIA