Institutional 5766: UISC  Argentina
A brief review of the intense work of rabbis along and across the world. It includes Keruv Levavot from Ner Le'Elef, the SSC-Midrash Sephardi and part of the rabbi's shlihut in Argentina.
The video-demonstration here presented is only a brief outline of the intense work of rabbis along and across the world.

In its first part, and as an opening, a strong message about the essential commitment towards our values and our ancient roots is transmitted, as a yehudim.

The second part relates about the great work that the Sacred Yeshivot from Israel perform -and in this case we highlight the notable path from the Shehebar Sephardic Center / Midrash Sephardi- in the formation of rabbis and community leaders to be located in communities throughout the world.

As a closure, and in the final section, we see the rabbi in the middle of his community labor. It is important to highlight that a great number of his activities have not been included, firstly, because it will exceed the content of this demonstrative video, and then because most of them were carried out in Yamim Tovim and during Shabbat. © ZERAJIA