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Choose life! - Caution with speech
(1 and 2)
This brainwork goes beyond a translation of the classic masterpiece that has identified "Hafetz Haim" as regards laws regulating ethics when speaking. Comments and relationships to everyday situations are included.
Choose life! - Shabbat Shalom
Brief comments to Torah; thinks about each parshah, to share in Shabbat table and at home. A totally modern vision calling for dialogue, thought, growth and spiritual uplifting.
Siddur for Kabbalat Shabbat
It has been carefully devised for communities where not everybody has a complete command of Hebrew language. It includes Hebrew, Spanish and their phonetic transcriptions. Essential in every synagogue.
Prayer's guide for the sick
This book includes all the psalms that were used to be read when one fulfills the valuable precept of visiting a convalescent as well as the appropriate prayers for those moments.
Prayer's guide for the cemetery
All the prayers in case of decease are included in this guide, from the process of the ritual cleansing up to the moment of the burial. It also comprises the appropriate entreties/pleas to be pronounced in the memorial prayer ceremony.
Memorial ceremony
All the psalms, 119 for "alpha beta", and the prayers commonly pronounced in the soul memorial ceremony are included in this book, in light of cemetery visits. © ZERAJIA