Yom HaShoa: Six million one
Shocking video made for the commemoration of the liberation of Warsaw's ghetto. Color images that gradually blur to black and white but culminate with a thrilling prophecy...
Dreadful short film, with appropriate interventions, the one of which represents more than a visit to hell into Nazi concentration camps. The color steadily vanishes, making a clear allusion to the gray, somber passage through the history from which human beings were its main characters. Never more...

Extract from an interview to Rabbi Rafael Zerajia in event of his presentation of the video
Seis millones uno (Six millon one):

Q: How did the idea of making this video come up?

A: Everything came up "without looking for or thinking about it" because of an Institutional video presentation that I had the opportunity of doing for the Sephardi Community in Cordoba, Argentina [Place where I had the blessing of dedicating more than ten years of community service, and four as a rabbi]. In this occasion, and in there, Isaac Nahmías president of the community, in the year 2006, put in my hands a challenge; one I was certainly not prepared for: A strong message in barely counted minutes had to be transmitted, one that penetrated our senses. He was in charge of the commemorative act of the Warsaw ghetto uprising, and he provided me with important material. I added some more and shape was started to be given, with background music, documental and recreated images, off voices and a few effects. After examining its result, it took part of an unforgettable ceremony...

Q: Why did you choose the title Seis millones uno (Six million one)?

A: Because I understand that none massacre has round ciphers, all and each of the victims has an inestimable value, in the same sense that the Talmud inversely states: saving a life is saving the whole word. With that same importance we have considered each victim, one by one. On the other hand, I understand it was not a massacre, but an affront, since during this period six million of massacres were committed, six million of affronts to God. © ZERAJIA